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About Raymour and Flanigan

Spring is the perfect season to freshen up your home and declutter to bring in the new. If you’ve had the same furniture since the late 1990s, then it’s probably time to revamp.

Raymour and Flanigan offer fresh-looking furniture for every area of your home. Whether you want to redo your dining room, living room, or the entire house, this brand has got you covered with crisp and clean options.

This classic furniture retailer has an incredible 78.7k followers on Instagram and over 234k likes on Facebook, proving them to be a brand worth taking note of. You can also find them featured in PRNewswire, Furniture Today, and PureWow.

If your home is looking a little empty after all the decluttering you’ve done, then keep reading this Raymour and Flanigan review. We’ll take you through the brand’s most popular products, customer reviews and ratings, delivery and return policies, and much more. Ready to decorate?

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Overview of Raymour and Flanigan

It all started in late 1946 in downtown Syracuse, New York. Brothers Bernard and Arnold Goldberg opened the Raymour Furniture store, named after their brother’s antique store on Long Island.

In 1972, the company expanded with the opening of its second store in Clay, New York. At this time the brand took on other family members to help manage the business.

The brand acquired Flanigan’s Furniture in 1990, which gave them ownership of 14 stores located in Boston and Rochester. At this time, the Raymour Furniture store became Raymour and Flanigan.

Today, Raymour and Flanigan operates over 130 stores across the northeastern US. Its mission is simple: “to enhance the customer shopping experience.” Now that you have a bit more background knowledge of the brand, this Raymour and Flanigan review will point you towards its key features:


  • Wide range of traditional and modern furniture designs
  • Online and in-store shopping
  • Financing options are available
  • Fast shipping
  • Uses recycled materials
  • Free overnight mattress delivery and removal
  • Lots of deals and discounts
  • Price match guarantee

Raymour and Flanigan furniture include pieces for every room of your house. Whether you need a new dining set, bedroom furniture, or a new mattress, you’ll be sure to find what you’re looking for.

Next up in this Raymour and Flanigan review, we’ll go through some of the brand’s most popular products.

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Raymour Flanigan Dining Sets Review

Some of the best conversations happen around a dining room table. Therefore, you want to make sure your home has a high-quality dining set that will provide you with ample space for your entire family.

Raymour and Flanigan dining room sets will be the star of your kitchen area because magic happens when the whole family gets together. Now, this Raymour and Flanigan review will take a look at a couple of their best-selling pieces.

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Raymour and Flanigan Pryce 5-Piece Dining Set Review

Say farewell to the long rectangular dining table of the past and hello to the Pryce 5-Piece Dining Set. This mid-century modern dining set comes with 4 elegant chairs and one round woodgrain table.

The table is crafted from kiln-dried hardwood, a feature that protects furniture from damage caused by humidity. No need to worry about your dining table splitting, cracking, or decomposing as it’s built to resist environmental factors.

Not to mention, the mindy veneers give this table a one-of-a-kind pattern. Measuring 52” x 52” x 31”, this table is just the right size to fit a group of 4 people. As for the chairs, they measure 17” x 20”. The seat and button-tufted back are covered in a light gray 100% polyester upholstery and are foam-padded on the inside. Essentially, these chairs give you style and comfort.

The Pryce 5-Piece Dining Set retails for $840. At the time of this Raymour and Flanigan review, you can get it on sale for $756.

Raymour and Flanigan Tatum 5-Piece Dining Set Review

For those who want to elevate the elegance in their home, the Tatum 5-Piece Dining Set might just be the right ensemble for you. You’ll feel as if you’re eating with royalty whenever you sit down for a meal.

This set comes with 4 dining chairs and a round dining table. This table is also made from kiln-dried hardwood to help it endure external elements. It also has a beautiful round table base which is sure to be a statement in any room.

The chairs in this set are equally luxurious. They have a polyurethane foam seat and back for extra support and comfort. On top of that, they’re covered with a stain-resistant 100% polyester upholstery — that’s right, stains aren’t welcome here!

Normally, you can get the Tatum 5-Piece Dining Set for $1,500. But at the time of this Raymour and Flanigan review, you can snag it at a discount for $1,350.

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Raymour Flanigan Mattress Review

If you daydream about bedtime and rest all the time, you’re not alone. Crawling into your bed at the end of the day is even better when you have a super comfy mattress. Next up, this Raymour and Flanigan review will show you two of the brand’s best mattresses.

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Raymour and Flanigan King Koil Elite Bellmont Plush Mattress Review

It’s hard enough sometimes to sleep peacefully, but when you keep waking up from being too hot, not the best situation? If this is you, then you might want to check out the King Koil Elite Bellmont Plush Mattress.

This mattress comes with gel-infused memory foam and a cool-to-the-touch cover that works to regulate your body temperature throughout the night. No more waking up from night sweats! It’s also equipped with orthopedic support and pressure absorption to relieve tension and body aches and pains. Couldn’t we all benefit from this feature?

The King Koil Elite Bellmont Plush Mattress ranges in size from twin to California king. Depending on the size, you can buy it from $1,129 to $1,779. At the time of this review, these Raymour and Flanigan mattresses are on sale from $1,016 to $1,601.

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Raymour and Flanigan Sealy Performance Hanover Street Plush Pillowtop Mattress Review

POV: it’s the end of an exhausting day and you finally get to call it a night and hit the hay — woohoo! However, as soon as your head hits the pillow, your mind and body become restless.

The Sealy Performance Hanover Street Plush Pillowtop Mattress cannot cure all sleep issues, but it can most certainly help! Inside this mattress are barrel-shaped encased coils to support the heaviest parts of your body and reduce movement, no more waking up when your partner or pet decides to shift around.

This mattress includes multiple foam layers for all-over support. The combination of plush and firm layers gives this mattress a balanced feel.

Coming in sizes twin XL or California king, you can get the Sealy Performance Hanover Street Plush Pillowtop Mattress from $749 to $1,299. At the time of this review, you can snag it for a sweet price between $674 to $1,169.

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Raymour and Flanigan Bedroom Set Review

Do you have an odd range of eclectic (aka nonmatching) furniture in your bedroom? Why not upgrade your room with the complementary Raymour and Flanigan bedroom set.

Last but not least, this Raymour and Flanigan review will showcase a couple of the brand’s bestsellers in the bedroom set category.

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Raymour and Flanigan Santa Cruz 4-Piece Bedroom Set Review

Bring elements of the outdoors inside with the Santa Cruz 4-Piece Bedroom Set. This rustic bedroom set comes with a bed, nightstand, dresser, and mirror. The bed features a plank-style headboard and footboard which adds a natural element to your room.

The same walnut-finished wood is used for the dresser and nightstand. You’ll get tons of storage space as the dresser has a total of 6 drawers which include felt-lined top drawers and a dust-proof bottom drawer. The nightstand comes with 2 drawers and 2 USB ports for convenient charging.

Coming in either queen or king-sized bed frames, you can purchase a Santa Cruz 4-Piece Bedroom Set from $2,179 to $2,379. At the time of this review, it’s on sale from $1,961 to $2,141.

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Raymour and Flanigan Selena 4-Piece Platform Bedroom Set w/ Storage Bed Review

If you’ve always believed you were meant to be on stage or in the spotlight, then the Selena 4-Piece Platform Bedroom Set w/ Storage Bed might just be the perfect ensemble for you. This glamorous set includes a champagne-colored storage bed, mirror, dresser, and nightstand. Depending on your style preferences, you can adjust the bed’s headboard (68”, 70”, 72”).

You’ll also get lots of space to store all your extra belongings as the bed features 2 drawers. Aside from the bed’s storage, the dresser has 6 regular-sized drawers along with 2 small jewelry trays.

Feeling extra? You can get the Selena 4-Piece Platform Bedroom Set w/ Storage Bed in either a queen or king-sized bed frame for $2,799-$3,079. At the time of this review, it’s on sale for only $2,519-$2,771.

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Who Is Raymour and Flanigan For?

With a vast selection of furniture and matching dining room and bedroom sets, this Raymour and Flanigan review believes the brand is best for anyone looking to furnish their home with high-quality products.

Many of the brand’s styles are refined, modern, and professional. Therefore, we think the brand is ideal for millennials and older folks.

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Raymour and Flanigan Reviews: What Do Customers Think?

Are you thinking of redesigning your home? Inspired by some of the brand’s bestsellers? In the next section of this Raymour and Flanigan Review, we’ll go through some customer reviews of the brand.

First, let’s take a look at the ratings of the brand’s best sellers from their website:

  • Pryce 5-Piece Dining Set: 5/5 stars from 196 reviews
  • Tatum 5-Piece Dining Set: 5/5 stars from 96 reviews
  • King Koil Elite Bellmont Plush Mattress: 5/5 stars from 75 reviews
  • Sealy Performance Hanover Street Plush Pillowtop Mattress: 5/5 stars from 2 reviews
  • Santa Cruz 4-Piece Bedroom Set: 5/5 stars from 60 reviews
  • Selena 4-Piece Platform Bedroom Set w/ Storage Bed: 5/5 stars from 108 reviews

Wow! 5/5 stars across the board is an impressive feat! Many customers speak generously of the brand’s customer service, prices, and styles.

Out of 36,010 reviews and a 4.3/5 star rating on Trustpilot, an overwhelming number of people comment on Raymour and Flanigan customer service. One 5-star reviewer wrote:

“I must say I was pleasantly surprised with my recent visit to the Lawrenceville showroom. There my wife and I met with the nicest sales associate, Halfida. She was one of the best associates that we ever had the pleasure to meet – super friendly, knowledgeable and sensitive to our needs. I would highly recommend her the next time your in the area planning a visit.”

On Consumer Affairs, where the brand has a rating of 3.7/5 stars out of 160 reviews, one happy customer commented: “I would like to say that Raymour and Flanigan went above and beyond and exceeded my expectations. We are pleased and happy with the professionalism of everyone involved from the salesperson to the delivery driver and at check out.”

Finally, one reviewer on Slumber Search speaks about the brand’s style, shipping, and service. From 135 reviews and a 7.4/10 star rating, the satisfied reviewer stated:

“[…] After years of enduring long delays, ill-mannered delivery personnel and low quality and dissatisfying furniture, I was surprised and elated by their outstanding service in all aspects. We are very pleased with the items we got, but most of all with the courtesy and helpfulness we found at the store.”

In terms of the brand’s customer service, this Raymour and Flanigan review was pleased to see lots of positive feedback.

Unfortunately, there were a few complaints regarding the brand’s quality in comparison to the cost. However, the customer care team works effortlessly to try and resolve any issues as soon as possible. Not to mention, Raymour and Flanigan offer different warranty options to ensure long-lasting furniture.

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Is Raymour and Flanigan Worth It?

With over 4,000 pieces of furniture, competitive prices, and top-notch customer service representatives, this Raymour and Flanigan review believes the brand is worth your money.

Not only do they have rave reviews, the brand also has green initiatives, making them an eco-friendly brand. By making recycling one of its main pillars, the brand has saved over 200 million pounds of packaging since 2002. They also prioritize efficient delivery to reduce fossil fuel emissions.

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Raymour and Flanigan Promotions & Discounts

If you’re a discount lover (who isn’t?) then you’ll be happy to hear Raymour and Flanigan offer tons of ways to save money through different promotions and sales.

Make sure to sign up for the brand’s emails to receive the latest Raymour and Flanigan coupon, along with any other exclusive deals.

Here are a few current promotions:

  • Up to 30% off select items or 60 months of interest-free payments
  • 25% off décor and lighting
  • 25% off all rugs
  • Free adjustable bed base with mattress purchase of $995+

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Where to Buy Raymour and Flanigan

Decided on a piece of furniture? You can buy Raymour and Flanigan directly from the brand’s website.

If you prefer to shop in-store, use the store locator feature on their site to find the nearest showroom or outlet near you.

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Who owns Raymour and Flanigan?

Michael Goldberg is the current owner of Raymour and Flanigan.

Does Raymour and Flanigan use real leather?

Yes, most Raymour and Flanigan leather furniture is made primarily from genuine leather. However, the brand admits to using bonded leather, a natural and more cost-efficient alternative, sparingly. Bonded leather is generally used for areas that aren’t frequently used.

What is Raymour and Flanigan’s Return Policy?

Raymour and Flanigan make sure all of their furniture is in excellent condition throughout their delivery process. Once the furniture has been picked up and accepted, it is nonrefundable.

If you received a damaged product, the brand highly encourages you to notify a customer care member as soon as possible to resolve the issue. Either a repair technician will come in to fix your furniture or your item will be exchanged.

Free shipping products are eligible for returns if you’re not satisfied with your item. The brand will replace parts of the damaged items at no charge, and if the parts aren’t available, they will replace the entire piece.

Criteria for returns:

  1. Must have a “free shipping” label
  2. You must request your return within 72 hours by contacting their customer service
  3. Products must be in good condition and in their original packaging
  4. They will deduct 15% of your refund for a restocking fee

What is the warranty on Raymour and Flanigan Furniture?

When you browse the furniture on the brand’s website, you’ll notice each piece has a warranty section. Depending on the product you buy, the warranty will differ. Raymour and Flanigan will work to repair or replace your furniture within and even after the manufacturer’s warranty period.

How to Contact Raymour and Flanigan

Hopefully, this Raymour and Flanigan review has answered all your pressing questions about the brand. If not, we suggest you reach out to them via:

  • Live chat
  • Contact form
  • Phone: 1-888-729-6687

The brand’s hours of operation are Monday to Sunday, 8 am to 6 pm, with their phone lines open Monday through Sunday, from 8 am to midnight EST.

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Raymour and Flanigan Review - Must Read This Before Buying (2024)
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